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Thanks to advancements in DNA paternity testing, we have the opportunity to do a very good thing, namely, to stop giving evil men the motive to commit prolicide. We can do this by: 1. LEARNING about the opportunity, 2. SIGNING the petition for the bill which would stop giving evil men the motive to commit prolicide, and 3. SHARING the good news of with others.

The idea, which we have been given, is a bill called the Right to Choose Life Act, because it protects a woman's right to choose life. Listed below are frequently asked questions about the RTCL Act and the Good News of . Please click on each question to learn the answer.

1. What is 'prolicide'?

Prolicide is the killing of one's own offspring. Prolicide comes from the Latin word proles, meaning offspring, and suffix -cide, meaning to kill. The sooner that one commits prolicide, the less guilty he or she will feel. That is why most prolicides are procured early in pregnancy. If a pregnant woman does not want an abortion and her offspring's father does, then there is danger of him spiking her drink with an abortion drug, or him threatening her to procure an abortion, or even him killing both her and his offspring simultaneously himself. Those are three ways that he can commit prolicide.

2. In what way are we 'giving evil men the motive to commit prolicide'?

When a man impregnates a woman illegitimately, he goes into debt to his offspring; because he begins to owe him or her about 18 years of child support. But the laws of we the people (who are sovereign in a democracy) are giving that man a way to escape his child support obligation, and that way is by committing prolicide before the woman files for child support. By giving him a child support loophole (a means of escaping his child support obligation), we are giving him the motive to commit prolicide. He usually commits prolicide by persuading the woman to procure an abortion; but if she won't cooperate, then he can commit prolicide by killing both her and his offspring simultaneously, covering his tracks so that he is never proven guilty of double homicide. This is why homicide is the leading cause of death for unwed pregnant women. Since he has the motive to commit prolicide, the father of the unborn child is always the first person to be investigated by police whenever a pregnant woman is murdered.

3. What are the 'advancements in DNA paternity testing'?

Consider the man who impregnates a woman illegitimately. Since the beginning of time, he has had the motive to commit prolicide before he is proven to be the father, so that he can get out of having to pay his debt to his offspring (the 18 years of child support). Two types of prolicide, abortion and infanticide, could be done before he was proven to be the father. Infanticide was practiced in the ancient Roman empire, but not so much as time went on. In the 1980's, advancements in DNA paternity testing made it possible to confirm the paternity of infants. Further advancements would make it possible to confirm the paternity of unborn offspring, but only through an invasive test. Then, in the 2010's, advancements in DNA paternity testing made it possible to confirm the paternity of unborn offspring in a non-invasive manner. It's called the non-invasive prenatal paternity test, or NIPP test; and it can confirm paternity as early as 7 weeks gestation, before most abortions are done.

Here is how the NIPP test works. The pregnant woman provides her doctor with two things: a blood sample and the name(s) of anyone who could be the father. If more than one man could be the father, then the men provide cheek samples, and the NIPP test reveals who the father is. If only one man could be the father, then the NIPP test is only necessary if the man wants to contest her claim. The development of the NIPP test gives us the opportunity to stop giving evil men the motive to commit prolicide, because it enables us to prove, before an abortion can be done, who the father is. Because of that proof, we can write a law, which would require him to pay his debt to his offspring, regardless of whether someone kills his offspring. Such a law would take away his motive to commit prolicide, thereby protecting the woman from the danger of either being threatened to get an abortion or being killed for not getting one.

4. Exactly how would we 'stop giving evil men the motive to commit prolicide'?

We would support the bill, which stops giving evil men the motive to commit prolicide; and we would keep raising awareness for it until it becomes law. The bill is called the Right to Choose Life Act, and here is how it would work for an illegitimate pregnancy:

I.A doctor tells the woman that she is pregnant.
II.She provides the doctor with two things, a blood sample and the name of the unborn child's father.
III.The alleged father is contacted, at which time he may either accept or contest her claim.
IV.If he contests her claim, a NIPP test is done. If it confirms that he is the father, then he pays the cost of the test, about $900. If it confirms that she lied, then she pays the cost of the test. Since she will not want to pay for the test, she will not want to lie; and since he will not want to pay for the test, he will not want to contest a true claim. (If she had intercourse with multiple men, then the test must be done, with the cost being shared between her and the man who is found to be the father).
V.The father of the unborn child is informed that he is in debt to his offspring, because he owes him or her about 18 years of child support. He is told that he must pay the debt to the state, even if someone were to kill his offspring in the womb. He is also informed of the two ways, listed below, that he can pay the debt.
A.He pays the full amount of child support each month, the amount that is calculated by each state today.
B.He makes a plea bargain with the state, whereby he gives the state near 100% assurance, that he will not start another illegitimate pregnancy, in exchange for the state agreeing to pay (with taxpayer dollars) a sizable percentage of his debt. He can give that level of assurance by getting a vasectomy, banking sperm first if he likes, so that he can still marry and have kids in the future.*
* We Christians might object to the plea bargain, since it involves sterilization and sperm banking. However, this "law is not made for a righteous man, but for the lawless and disobedient" (1Tim. 1:9). It's necessary in order to limit the taxpayer burden.
VI.The mother is informed of what's happening and reassured that her child's father will have no reason to pressure her into getting an abortion. She is also informed of her two options, listed below.
A.She continues the pregnancy, and upon delivering the child, she starts receiving the full amount of child support from the state (unless she gives the child up for adoption, in which case, the foster parents would receive the child support). Either part or all of the child support would be coming from the father through the state.
B.She terminates the pregnancy and receives nothing. In this case, the father's child support payments would go towards the welfare of another illegitimately conceived child. (We expect most women to choose option A).
VII.If she continues the pregnancy, she should visit the doctor regularly, so that if she suffers a miscarriage, the doctor can certify that it was a miscarriage and not an abortion. In the case of a miscarriage, the father's debt to his child would be forgiven.

To see the current draft of the Right to Choose Life Act, please click 'The RTCL Act' under the 'Abolish Forced Abortion' menu. AFA was created for non-Christians, and that's why the selections under the AFA menu do not cite any scriptures and do not refer to Christians in first or second person pronoun. The Eternal Gospel Society is the Christian part of AFA.

5. What if women still commit prolicide anyway?

As we stated in section VI. B of the answer to question 4, we expect most women to not get an abortion, since the father will be paying child support regardless. The abortions which do happen will likely spark outrage with the public, causing an increase in public support for the Right to Life Addendum. The RTL Addendum is led by women (with the support of men), because it's about women giving up their power to get an abortion. The RTCL Act is led by men (with the support of women), because it's about men giving up their child support loophole, their means of escaping a child support obligation (via prolicide). Ending abortion is a two-step process, the RTCL Act and the RTL Addendum. Those who support taking only the first step (just to see if it works) are 'pro choice of life'. Those who support taking both steps, but are willing to take only the first for now, are 'pro lives' (the lives being maternal and fetal).

6. What is the Eternal Gospel Society?

We, the Eternal Gospel Society,[1] are Christians who believe that the time has come for God to judge "whoremongers and adulterers".[2] We believe because the Lawgiver[3] has begun this judgment by giving us[4] a good idea[5] for a law which would convict each sinner before he can be acquitted through the sacrifice of his child.[6] The bill for this law is called the Right to Choose Life Act (RTCL Act). The time for this judgment did not come until recently, because the necessary advancements in DNA paternity testing were not made until recently. We are expected[7] to proclaim this good news to all people, beginning with the Church,[8] so that those who believe will advance the justice of God by signing the RTCL petition and letting others know about it. If you are not a Christian, then you may still become a member of Abolish Forced Abortion, by signing the RTCL petition and raising awareness for the RTCL Act.

[1] Rev. 14:6; [2] Rev. 14:7, Heb. 13:4; [3] Jam. 4:12; [4] Mark 11:24; [5] Jam. 1:17; [6] Rev. 6:10, 19:2; [7] Luke 12:48; [8] 1Pet. 4:17

7. How Do We Bring the Good News of to the Churches?

The good news of is that we have the opportunity to stop giving evil men the motive to commit prolicide. But there is a downside, and it is that we need to seize the opportunity, so that we will not be judged as accomplices to prolicide. Since judgment must begin at the house of God (1Pet. 4:17), we plan to bring the good news of to the house of God by:

I.PRAYING, "O Lord my God, give my brothers and sisters the ears to hear the good news that you have given me,"
II.ANNOUNCING the good news, that we have the opportunity to stop giving evil men the motive to commit prolicide.
III.HANDING OUT prayer cards, which point our brothers and sisters to where they can go to learn more and to sign the RTCL petition.

Until the pastor lets us do these things on church property, we will have to do them from public property at each church. We will keep doing these things at each church until one of two things happen: either 2/3 of the church signs the Right to Choose Life petition or 1 member of the church finds a good reason not to sign the Right to Choose Life petition (we would be shocked if there is such a reason). Once 2/3 of the church signs the RTCL petition, we go to another church to start the process all over. Hopefully, people from each church will join us, so that the good news of will spread quickly. Remember that we can do nothing without Jesus Christ (John 15:5), and that includes getting the attention of our brothers and sisters. That's why we need to continually do step I. above.

We should also consider abstaining from communion at our own church, until 2/3 of our fellow congregants sign the RTCL petition. That's because every church (including our own most likely) is divided between 'pro life' and 'pro choice' factions, and the division is so bad that each side is at enmity with the other. The 'pro life' side accuses the other side (if not out loud then in their heart), and the accusation is complicity to homicide. Meanwhile, the 'pro choice' side believes that the other side is bearing false witness against them. Our Lord says that we should not receive communion with our enemies until we are reconciled to them (Mat. 5:23-24). The RTCL petition serves as a spiritual peace treaty between the 'pro life' and 'pro choice' factions, with reconciliation happening, because there is no such division between the two new positions ('pro life' people become 'pro lives' and 'pro choice' people become 'pro choice of life'). The two new positions are united behind the effort to stop giving evil men the motive to commit prolicide. This makes it not about whether you voted 'pro life' or 'pro choice', but whether you signed the RTCL petition, because the faster its signature count grows, the sooner the RTCL Act will be passed into law, and the smaller the final death count will be.

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