"What it Means to be Pro Choice of Life"
Welcome to the home of the Right to Choose Life Movement. We are neither pro choice of abortion nor anti choice of abortion (aka pro life). We are pro choice of life, which means that we are in favor of protecting a woman's right to choose life, through the passage of the Right to Choose Life Act into law. We know that the current 'pro choice' law fails to protect her right to choose life, because homicide is the number 1 cause of death for unwed pregnant women, while ranking number 17 for everybody else. It is therefore necessary for governments to protect every woman with child by passing the RTCL Act into law.

The video at the left explains what it means to be 'pro choice of life'. Over 99% of all people are currently divided into two camps, 'pro choice' and 'pro life'. But as people become 'pro choice of life', the dichotomy will become a trichotomy. The RTCL Act involves men giving up their child support loophole for the sake of protecting every woman with child. Besides preventing the murder of pregnant women, the RTCL Act will also prevent most abortions, thereby making it possible for a Right to Life Addendum to be considered at a later date. The RTL Addendum is what would make abortion illegal in most cases, and it will involve women giving up their choice of abortion for the sake of protecting any unborn children who would still be in danger of abortion under the RTCL Act. But for now, our focus is on protecting every woman with child from the danger of double homicide.