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Why sinners like abortion
The second most important news item in the world is the eternal gospel. The eternal gospel (Rev. 14:6) is that the hour has come for God to judge (Rev. 14:7) whoremongers and adulterers, according to scripture (Heb. 13:4). Those two types of sinners incur a child support debt each time their sin results in a pregnancy; and until now, they have been able to get their debt remitted by making their girlfriend get an abortion.

The hour has come for God to judge those sinners, because we are now able to confirm paternity around the time a pregnancy is confirmed (thanks to recent advancements in DNA paternity testing). Therefore, we are now able to make a law which would do two things: 1. identify each newly incurred child support debt, and 2. require the debt to be paid, regardless of whether someone was to kill the creditor in the womb.

The bill of law which would do those two things is called the Right to Choose Life Act. Since the motive for forced abortion is the remission of child support debt, the RTCL Act would take away the motive for forced abortion, thereby causing the crime to stop.

The RTCL Act is based on the following two-part principle: 1. that a male incurs a child support debt the moment he has impregnated a female who is not his wife, and 2. that it is wrong for any debtor to be able to get his debt remitted by killing the creditor.

We believe that the RTCL Act is a good bill of law, and that the idea was therefore given to us by God, since all good things come from Him (James 1:17). Also, God is the lawgiver (Isa. 33:22, Jam. 4:12) and laws judge men (John 7:51). Since the RTCL Act would judge the sinners spoken of Hebrews 13:4, the hour has come for God to judge them. That is the eternal gospel.

In summary, the eternal gospel is that we can now stop picking one of the evil sides of a false dichotomy (letting women abort versus forcing women to gestate) and instead start picking the good side of the true dichotomy, letting women gestate by stopping forced abortion. We proclaim the eternal gospel to every person, beginning with those in the house of God (1Pe. 4:17). Whoever believes and signs the RTCL petition will advance the justice of God in the earth; and whoever does not believe will be guilty of obstructing the justice of God.

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